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1: Ultimate Flora 50 Billion, 72 Vegetable Capsules (Bonus Size)

by Renew Life
Amazon Sales Rank: 817
  • Ultimate Flora Critical Care is formulated for those who:
  • are using or have recently used antibiotics
  • have chronic digestive issues
  • want a high potency daily use probiotic
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Sale Price: $26.99
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2: Naughty Cat ™ 3pcs verschiedene Größe Set Edelstahl Diamant Jeweled Entertainment Toy (1)

by Naughty Cat
Amazon Sales Rank: 861
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: S 7.5 x 3cm / M 8 x 3.5cm / L 9 x 4cm
  • Package weight: 0.36 kg
  • Package Contents: 3 x mssager
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Sale Price: $11.95
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3: pH Test Strips for Testing Alkaline and Acid Levels in the Body. Track & Monitor your pH Level using Saliva and Urine. Get Highly Accurate Results in Seconds. (1 Bottle)

by Just Fitter
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,120
  • LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Accurately Measure Your pH Levels to show your state of Alkalinity in 15 seconds or Less or Your Money Back. What Do You Have To Lose? Click the 'Add-to-Cart' Button Now to try these pH Test Strips 100% Risk-Free.
  • BE HEALTHIER & HAPPIER. Your body requires a balanced pH to function at optimal levels. Test your pH more often with 25 free strips. So, 125 strips in each bottle.
  • HELPS YOU FIGHT DISCOMFORT IN YOUR BODY. Helps you manage diabetes, joint pain, osteoporosis, & other common ailments through alkalinity. According to 1931 Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg "Disease can't survive in an alkaline body".
  • CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE. Test your pH Levels in the comfort of your own home. Includes emailed step by step PDF guide. 2-year shelf life. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
  • WHAT AMAZON CUSTOMERS SAY: "Fast, easy, accurate & disposable." "I'm impressed with these strip" " I love getting something that actually does what it was Intended to do." "Great product I have to recommend for all." "Bonus 25 free, simple to use, they work fast and are easy to read." "Excellent product" "Awesome service! Awesom product! Stay healthy!"
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4: 8Inch Funny T-h-in-g for W-o-m-en

Amazon Sales Rank: 1,386
  • Length 8inch, diameter 1.8 inch,the Cup Width: 2.7inch
  • Safe Material comfortable to skin, no bad smell
  • Easy to clean, powerful suction base.
  • Privacy. Not body know what's in the packaging.
  • It is a registered trademark, the brand logo print on the clear cloth
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Sale Price: $23.99
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5: Naughty Cat New Rokhy Stimulator Prosta Tico with Quiet Motor Flexible, Water Resistant

by Naughty Cat
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,477
  • High quality: made of a super soft and slippery thermoplastic rubber, helps ensure a comfortable penetration
  • Properties: its design in the form of balls offers an incredible pleasure for the penetration and extraction. Due to its design, it is ideal for anal initiation
  • Motor with multiple vibration levels, can be dimmed intensity level
  • Water resistant: It's airtight seal makes it waterproof and can be used even in the bath
  • Maintenance tips; if using a lubricant, use a water based lubricant. It is wise to use only water and neutral soap to clean the device after each use.
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6: HUGGLE HOODIE Blue Reversible Hooded Blanket, Ultra Warm, Luxurious and Soft As Seen On TV (blue)

by Hugglehoodie
Amazon Sales Rank: 1,493
  • REVERSIBLE: Huggle Hoodie is reversible, meaning that it can be worn right side out or flipped inside out. Each side offers a different design pattern.
  • SOFT AND COZY: Each product is made from an incredibly soft blanket material that is pleasant to the touch. The softness of the blanket works to keep its wearer cozy and comfortable while providing them with the ultimate warmth.
  • POCKETS: Unlike a traditional blanket, this product comes with large pockets for your convenience. The built-in, deep, pockets make it easy to keep items such as your cell phone and keys close by. The pockets are deep enough that the objects won't fall out and get lost or misplaced.
  • WASHING MACHINE FRIENDLY: With extensive use, your Huggle Hoodie is bound to get dirty. Luckily, it can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine with any other laundry you may have. It can be safely washed and dried so that you can continue to use it without having to wait for it to air dry.
  • LOWERS YOUR HEATING BILS: Thanks to the functionality and warmth of the Huggle Hoodie, your winter heating bill can be lowered considerably with its use.
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7: 8Inch Personal Dicks for Women

Amazon Sales Rank: 2,446
  • Made of high quality slicone, safe, comfortable to skin.
  • Total Length: 8.5inch, The diameter: 1.8Inch, the Cup Diameter: 2.7inch
  • Easy to clean, powerful suction base.
  • Privacy. Not any words shown on the packaging.
  • It is a registered trademark, the brand logo print on the clear cloth
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Sale Price: $21.99
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8: Naughty Cat New Candy Colorful Jelly Love Beads, Favorite Balls Beaded Exercise Kit

by Naughty Cat
Amazon Sales Rank: 3,297
  • Make by phthalate-free PVC, super soft ring can be bent freely
  • Dynamic and lovely shape, Humanize handle ring design
  • The soft, curved shape gives you a safer and more secure experience
  • Length: 26cm, Color: Black
  • Slow its extraction & oacute, obtaining a matchless pleasure
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Sale Price: $14.99
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9: Relaxus Flexible Sock and Stocking Aid. Put on Your Sock Without Bending

by Relaxus
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,371
  • Relaxus Unique three finger design holds stockings easily
  • 27" straps with loop handels
  • Easy glide nylon inside cover - Slip resistant terry towel outer cover
  • Pull on the heaviest wool socks or finest nylon pantyhose with ease
  • Perfect for people with limited mobility
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Sale Price: $6.95
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10: Tens Replacement Lead Wires - Two Snap Connectors (2 Pack) - Discount Tens Brand

by Discount TENS
Amazon Sales Rank: 4,853
  • Fits Tens / EMS systems with 3.5mm (headphone size) ports
  • Contains two high quality and very durable lead wires
  • Each lead wire connects device to two 3.5mm snap style electrodes
  • Discount TENS Brand - Sold by Discount TENS Products only.
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Sale Price: $23.69
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11: Wall Mount Rotating Sand Sauna Timer 15 Minutes Wooden Hourglass Countdown Pink Sand Timer

Amazon Sales Rank: 5,803
  • ❤Rotating sand timer mounts is made of high quality wood, glass and sand which can withstand the hot and steamy environment of a sauna room.
  • ❤The sand timer is really easy to mounts to your wall with 2 screws (not included), align attached wooden mounting strip vertically, screwing through pre-drilled holes, to hide the mounting strip perfectly behind the sand timer.
  • ❤The product has15 minutes length of time to enjoy a sauna session. Also includes 5 and 10 minute approximation markers for your shorter time need.
  • ❤The sand timer mounted is designed to easily flipping, so you don't have to take it off of the wall which save you a lot of time.
  • ❤Besides sauna use, it can also be used for other purposes, in classrooms, yoga or exercise rooms, or any other timed uses.
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Sale Price: $169.99
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12: Illumy - The NASA Technology Night Mask For Sleeping Like A Baby And Waking Up Rested And Refreshed

by Sound Oasis
Amazon Sales Rank: 11,650
  • NASA LIGHT TECHNOLOGY - The Illumy uses the same light technology that NASA is using to help induce natural sleep cycles on space stations.
  • SLEEP ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGY - An additional feature to the Illumy uses Alpha and Beta light pulses to regulate the body's natural sleep and waking triggers.
  • MICRO USB CHARGER - The Illumy comes with a micro USB charger and only 96 minutes of charging is needed for a full night good sleep with the sleeping mask.
  • WASHABLE COVER - Don't worry about using expensive and delicate cleaning instructions - the Illumy comes with a washable cover that can easily be removed and washed.
  • SILENT ALARM SETTINGS - The light pulses produced by the Illumy are enough to wake up the average sleeper and the device is equipped with silent alarm settings for those who hate being waked up by the noise of alarm sound.

13: Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

Amazon Sales Rank: 14,450
  • Muse is your personal meditation assistant
  • Sometimes your mind is calm and sometimes it's active. Muse will guide you to a calm mind
  • Put on the Muse headband, put on your earbuds, start the app, and close your eyes. Immerse yourself within the sounds of a beach or rainforest.
  • While you meditate, Muse measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into weathers sounds.
  • When you're calm, you'll hear peaceful weather sounds. When your mind wanders, the weather will intensify, guiding you back to a calm state.
  • After each session, review your data, set goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time.
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14: Aculief Wearable Acupressure Provides All Natural Tension Relief Using the LI4 Acupressure Point - Single Pack (Teal)

by Aculief
Amazon Sales Rank: 20,200
  • AWARD WINNING, DOCTOR APPROVED, NATURAL HEADACHE AND TENSION RELIEF. Aculief provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point. The LI4 acupressure point is one of the most powerful points on your body and has been used for thousands of years to provide natural relief of headaches, tension and promote your bodies natural energy!
  • INCREASES YOUR ENERGY! Aculief promotes the flow of your body's Natural Energy and reduces Stress and Tension.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Love the results or your money back! We are truly confident that Aculief will provide Relief. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Simply contact our US based Customer Service at 872-228-5383 for an immediate Full Refund!
  • DRUG-FREE, COMFORT AND EASE OF USE. Drug-free, comfortable, and stylish natural pain management acupressure tool. Works fast and no side effects!!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Wearable acupressure for an active lifestyle. One size fits most. Good for travel, at work, play or any other everyday activities. Stylish, easy to use and carry. Aculief is not to be used while pregnant.
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Sale Price: $22.99
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15: Female Soft Personal Dicks 8Inch

Amazon Sales Rank: 20,922
  • Made of high quality slicone, safe, comfortable to skin.
  • Total Length: 8inch, The diameter: 1.41Inch, Insert Length 6inch, the Cup Diameter: 2.7inch
  • Easy to clean, powerful suction base.
  • Privacy. Not any words shown on the packaging.
  • It is a registered trademark, the brand logo print on the clear cloth
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Sale Price: $219.00
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16: Vogvigo PU Far Infrared Sauna Blanket FIR Body Wrap 2 Zone

by Vogvigo
Amazon Sales Rank: 30,251
  • Experience far-infrared body treatment: this slimming and detox system takes advantage of far infrared for its unique body penetrating ability. This 2 zone wrap system uses radiant heat to improve blood and lymph circulation allowing oxygen and nutrients to be more efficiently absorbed and utilized skin tone elasticity and cellulite also benefit greatly from the increase oxygen and nutrients, some skin conditions can be alleviated with regular use like psoriasis eczema and acene.
  • This deeply relaxing treatment is also great for stress relief score joints and stiff muscles you will leave invigorated renewed if you are looking for instant detox pain relief or you just want to drop a dress size.
  • Opens like a sleeping bag, lay in it and choose your favorite position as it got flexible tensile capability and heating wire which designed to withstand stretches or bends, then enjoy the spa treatment: weight losing, detoxification, improving blood circulation, enhance cells nourishment, making skin more fresh and active detoxing and eliminating toxin.
  • Top grade PU material outside, waterproof PVC inside; temperature adjustable from 95℉ to 167℉, time setting from 15 to 60 min., infrared dry heating, two zone-temperature controller.Attention: do seperate the two sides after using,only fold it after temperature cooled down.People who can't use this product:preganant.
  • Dimension: 70.87''(L)*31.5''(W),Power:650w. This could be used in spa/ salon store or personal beauty care. Please use it with Plastic Sheet for Body Wrap(https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07QKJZPP3)

17: Kinomai Joint soothing MSM, 1000 g

by St.Francis Herb Farm
Amazon Sales Rank: 33,621
  • Joint soothing MSM crystals
  • NPN 80024247
  • available in 500 g and 1000 g (1 kg)
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Sale Price: $29.00
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19: BSY NONI Enzyme | Pure Noni Juice Extract Enzyme (10ML) | Vitamin and Protein Source GMP Certified

by BSY
Amazon Sales Rank: 50,681
  • BSY Noni offers healthful vitamins, minerals to improve the body's overall functioning
  • Rejuvenates the body by revitalizing the cells, thereby improving every unit's performance
  • Boosts Energy : Juice boosts energy levels & improve overall physical performance of body
  • Helps in relief pain :: Boosts Immunity
  • Helps maintain healthy skin, scalp and hair
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Sale Price: $68.31
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20: Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist, 5.3 Fl Oz, 3-Pack, (Packaging May Vary)

by Bath & Body Works
Amazon Sales Rank: 106,609
  • Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist, 5.3 Fl Oz, 3-Pack, (Packaging May Vary)
  • Fragrance: Lavender Essential Oil & Vanilla Absolute help calm feelings of stress so you can sleep better
  • Overview: Spray a light mist over the pillow or sheets for an authentic aromatherapy experience. Our exclusive blend of essential oils calms and clears the mind for a truly restful, peaceful slumber. Breathe deeply for best results.
  • Usage: Spray a light mist over pillow or sheets. Allow fabric to dry before contact.