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Getting and Writing IT Requirements in a Lean and Agile World: Business Analysis Techniques for Discovering User Stories, Features, and Gherkin (Given-When-Then) Scenarios

by Tom Hathaway, Angela Hathaway

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Product Description

Whether you:
•you are tasked with defining business needs for a product or existing software,
•need to prove that a digital solution works,
•want to expand your User Story and requirements discovery toolkit, or
•are interested in becoming a Business Analyst,

this work presents invaluable ideas that you can steal. The future looks bright for those who embrace Lean concepts and are prepared to engage with the business community to ensure the success of Agile initiatives.

Increase your confidence and your value to organizations by improving your ability to analyze, extract, express, and discuss business needs in formats supported by Agile, Lean, and DevOps.

What Is This Book About?
Lean or Agile methods for building software products have proven their worth in many environments. Focused on collaboration and continuous improvement, these methods drastically improve the quality of delivered digital products.

Analysis and verification are the alpha and omega of any change. Whether you are building a pyramid or contemplating the greatest Apple App, you need to decide what you want and then figure out how you will know whether it is what you want when you get it. Because everything changes over time, analysis is a continuous process to ensure that developers are not working on something you do not need in light of new developments.

Up-front analysis defines business needs whereas acceptance testing proves that the digital solution satisfies them. The outcomes of analysis are expressed as Features, User Stories, Epics, or requirements by any name that the solution must support.

User Story Splitting and Feature Drill-down transform business needs into technology solutions. Acceptance Criteria / Tests expressed in Given-When-Then Scenarios and Examples that the business community can understand give them the confidence that they are getting what they ordered.

What Will You Learn?
This book presents concrete approaches that take you from day one of a change initiative to the ongoing acceptance testing in a continuous delivery environment. The authors introduce novel and innovative ideas that augment tried-and-true techniques for:
•discovering and capturing what your stakeholders need,
•writing and refining the needs as the work progresses, and
•developing scenarios to verify that the software does what it should.

Approaches that proved their value in conventional settings have been redefined to ferret out and eliminate waste (a pillar of the Lean philosophy). Those approaches are fine-tuned and perfected to support the Lean and Agile movement that defines current software development. In addition, the book is chock-full of examples and exercises that allow you to confirm your understanding of the presented ideas.

About the Authors
Like all good IT stories, theirs started on a project many years ago. Tom was the super techie, Angela the super SME. They fought their way through the 3-year development of a new policy maintenance system for an insurance company.

They vehemently disagreed on many aspects, but in the process discovered a fundamental truth about IT projects. The business community (Angela) should decide on the business needs while the technical team’s (Tom)’s job was to make the technology deliver what the business needed. Talk about a revolutionary idea! They made it their mission (and their passion) to share this ground-breaking concept with the rest of the world.

They have taught thousands of students in face-to-face training, published 7 books, authored 9 courses on Udemy.com with over 20K students, and enriched the global community with 1.5 million views on their YouTube channel.

Author's Note: As an added enticement for buying this book, we offer a discounted access to our Udemy.com course with the same name. You also get free access to a powerful tool for managing uncertainty.

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Released 07/15/2019
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